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Scope of Policy Expertise

Craze Lateral Solutions provides consulting services in social policy, mental health, public health, the peer workforce, program evaluation, rural/remote community policy, criminality and much more.

The Meeting of Environmental & Mental Health Policy

What if mental health and environment policy were linked? How can policy makers respond to increasing mental challenges associated with climate change including climate anxiety, mental health impacts of bush fires and drought. This is an important field that requires not just mental health policy expertise but land management and climate adaption and remediation policy as well.



Commonwealth/State Government Departments and Authorities, Statutory Bodies and Non Government Organizations have all sought the consulting expertise of Craze Lateral Solutions. Whether it's a one off project affecting a small community or a nationwide macro policy area we offer our experience and expertise in consulting in a broad range of health, mental health  and strategic policy fields.

Workshop Facilitation

Craze Lateral Solutions offers a bespoke approach to workshops that help your team get on the same page. Mental health information and training, support for farmers/rural communities and a range of worksites are just a few examples of workshops we have offered.

Policy Development

Our approach to policy development is people first, strengths based and inclusive. Whether it's a government department or a community group/organization, we seek to empower people who shape the policies that affect their lives.  


Community & Stakeholder Engagement

When talking with communities Craze Lateral Solutions holds up one thing above all else. A level playing field for all. An openness to people's experiences and views has earned Craze Lateral Solutions the trust of numerous community groups.

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