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About Us


Our Story

Craze Lateral Solutions Pty Ltd has provided mental health social policy consulting
services since 1991. Our office is based in Sydney’s Blue Mountains provides
consulting services both nationally and internationally. The company has 30
years of
providing research, evaluation, training, community and stakeholder consultation,
policy development and program design services, not only in mental health but in a
range of policy areas including: health, remote Indigenous communities, disability,
pre-hospital emergency services, substance misuse, immigrant and refugee and
asylum seeking communities, LGBTI+ communities, family and community support,
crime prevention, criminal justice, social housing, homelessness and law reform.

Our company, by choice a Small Medium Enterprise, is a trusted supplier of inclusive
and sound consultancy services. Our ability to compete successfully with larger
competitors is evidenced by our company having been awarded over 100
consultancies since its inception in 1991. Many of these assignments have
demonstrated sound project management skills in order to successfully conduct
inclusive, complex and multi-staged consultations or research projects.


Over the last decade, our company has been called upon on at least five occasions to conduct significant national projects requiring extensive consultation and collaboration with people with lived experiences, their families and carers, service providers,
professional bodies and specific population stakeholders.

We work collaboratively and frequently sub-contract equally trusted firms on a regular basis according to the needs of a project and always with the full knowledge and approval of the client. Additionally, other firms regularly engage our services.

It is the policy and demonstrated practice of our company to routinely subcontract
the services of Mental Health Lived Experience Advisers/Consultants, Indigenous
consultants and Indigenous owned companies.

Awarded  over 100 consultancies since 1991
Significant, nationwide
We routinely subcontract Mental Health Lived Experience Consultants and First Nations Consultants

Our Founders


Ross and Leanne founded Craze Lateral Solutions in 1991 reflecting their shared passion for making a difference in the community. Starting off in Bungendore, a small regional town in South East NSW, Craze Lateral Solutions has always come at public policy through a social justice lens. 

Sadly one of our founders, Ross Craze, passed away in 2018 and we acknowledge the huge mark that Ross left on Craze Lateral Solutions. We carry on his vision for a fair society and his legacy of care and passion for people to this day. We miss his creativity and out of the box or lateral thinking.

Educational Background

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