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Past Projects

Promoting the Voice of Remote First Nations Communities

Remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities in far North Queensland have long faced challenges in emergency health care. See how Craze Lateral Solutions helped the QLD Ambulance Service partner with remote indigenous communities to improve emergency care.

QLD Remote Care.jpeg

Recognizing & Responding to Deterioration in Mental State

How can clinicians and acute health services best identify and respond to acute psychological deterioration?

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A Peer Based Model for a Mental Health Workforce

What if those who best understand what it's like living with psychological distress are in the drivers seat of the shaping mental health services? Craze Lateral Solutions was key in the development of a Regional Mental Health Peer Workforce Framework, COORDINARE, South Eastern NSW Primary Health Network.

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A National Framework for Recovery Oriented Mental Health Services

Recovery-oriented approaches offer a transformative conceptual framework for practice, culture and service delivery in mental health service provision. The national framework for recovery-oriented mental health services provided a vital newpolicy direction to enhance and improve mental health service delivery in Australia.

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Past Consultancies

  • 2021 - Consultancy services to Flourish Australia assisting with strategic initiatives
  • 2021 - Review of Forensicare’s Lived Experience Team (with Tim Heffernan)
  • 2019 - Co-design of the service model for a new peer support program, Southwest Sydney PHN
  • 2019 - Co-design of a new 24-hour accommodation, support and treatment service
    in South West Sydney – commissioned by SWSLHD Mental Health Services and
  • 2019 - Codesign of a model of care and service design for Casa Venegas, St John of God Health Care Social Outreach Services
  • 2017 - Engage and Participate in Mental Health, National Mental Health Commission, Project Report and resource database

Past Research Projects

  • 2017 - Inside Outside Research Project: trauma informed recovery-oriented approaches in the forensic mental health and justice systems, NSW Mental Health Commission
  • 2014 - Research consultancy for the National Mental Health Commission to provide expert advice on the current, emerging and potential challenges for regional, rural and remote Australians with a lived experience of mental health issues
  • 2014 - Research Consultancy National Contributing life Methodology Project, Australian Government National Mental Health Commission
  • 2013 - Consultant, Mental Health Peer Workforce Project, Health Workforce Australia
  • 2011 - Preventing Hepatitis C in Australian Custodial Settings, Hepatitis Australia
  • 2006 - Chatter, Cheese and Chums, A research project concerning the housing and support needs of people experiencing mental illness and their families in the ACT

  • 2006 - Needs of homeless people with long-term mental illness in the Queanbeyan area, a research project, Home-In-Queanbeyan Inc

  • 2000 - National Research Project: Improving Outcomes for Homeless People with Mental Illness (with St Vincent’s Mental Health Service Melbourne), funded jointly by the Commonwealth Housing Branch (SAAP) Department of Family and Community Services and the Mental Health Branch Commonwealth Department of Health & Aged Care

Full List of Research Projects (pg11)
  • 2017 - Unit Coordinator, Fundamentals of Recovery-Oriented Care, Mental Health Portfolio, Health Education Training Unit

  • 2017 - NSW Mental Health Act 2007 Education and Training Program, finalising of program and delivery of online and face-to-face training

  • 2016 - Evaluation of the ACT Mental health Act 2015, with Australian Continuous Improvement Group (ACIG)

  • 2016 - Evaluation of the National Mental Health Consumer and Carer Forum, Mental Health Australia

  • 2016 - Inside Outside Research Project: trauma informed recovery-oriented approaches in the forensic mental health and justice systems, NSW Mental Health Commission

  • 2016 - Consultancy services to assist Grand Pacific Health with internal strategic discussions

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