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  • Leanne Craze

Indigenous voices in climate change adaptation

First nations peoples have long managed the Australian landscape with local knowledge.

This paper from from Monash University that was published in 2013 was prophetic in lifting up Indigenous voices in climate change adaptation. The Yorta Yorta people (in and around the Murray River) partnered with the reports authors and the wider community to find ways to better adapt to a changing climate.

The report says:

'This project investigated how the deep knowledge of the Yorta Yorta people of their traditional lands on the Murray River (see figure below) can be used to strengthen their participation and influence in the complex national and regional management processes that determine how their traditional lands evolve, leading to improved adaptation decisions both for the Yorta Yorta and the wider community.'

A 2020 edition of Australian story also documented how ancient knowledge and cultural burning is invaluable in bush fire management.

You can read the full report here.

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