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About Us

Craze Lateral Solutions has 30 years of experience providing consultancy services in  a range of policy areas including: mental health, housing, homelessness, disability and criminal justice.

Long standing relationships are enjoyed with a range of communities including remote First Nations communities, immigrant and refugee and asylum seeking communities, LGBTI+ communities and rural communities...

Connecting Leading Ideas to Action

Supporting Communities to Act on Climate Change

All over Australia communities want to talk about the impact of the climate crisis - whether it be floods, fire, drought or life style changes. Craze Lateral Solutions understands that now is the time for real conversations about the social and mental health impacts of climate and environmental changes. Let us assist you to engage with communities.

Promoting the Lived Experience/Peer Workforce

What if those who best understand what it's like living with psychological distress are in the drivers seat of the shaping mental health services?

Recognizing Acute Psychological Deterioration

How can clinicians and acute health services best identify and respond to acute psychological deterioration?

Listening to First Nations Communities

Remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities in far North Queensland have long faced challenges in emergency health care. See how Craze Lateral Solutions helped the QLD Ambulance Service partner with remote indigenous communities to improve emergency care.

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