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We have 2 directors

Dr Leanne Craze  AM  (BSW Hons 1, PhD, Grad Dip Science)

Leanne Craze, with qualifications in social work (Bachelor of Social Work Hons 1 and PhD,  University of NSW and Science (Grad Dip Science Climate Change and Environmental Management) , has over 30 years experience in:
  • Research
  • policy development
  • program design, implementation and management
  • program and service evaluation
  • project management
  • strategic planning and organisational building
  • education and training
  • community development
  • community and stakeholder consultation
  • legislation review:
in a broad range of fields including mental health, health, community services, housing and homelessness, disability and criminal justice.

Throughout this period Leanne has worked effectively with parliamentarians, ministerial advisory committees, state and commonwealth government departments and professional bodies. She has also worked closely with a wide range of community groups and non government community organisations. Positions held include:
  • Research Associate, Faculty of Law, Monash Unversity
  • Lecturer - Social Policy and Research, School of Community and Welfare Studies, University of Western Sydney (Milperra Campus);
  • Lecturer, Department of Social Work, Australian Catholic University (Part-Time);
  • Principal Researcher - Victorian Parliament Social Development Committee Inquiry into Mental Disturbance and Community Safety;
  • Secretary - Joint Parliamentary Committee on the National Crime Authority, Australian Senate;
  • Secretary - National Inquiry Concerning the Human Rights of People with Mental Illness, Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission;
  • Criminologist/Senior Lecturer - Australian Institute of Criminology;
  • Member of the Disability Standards Review Committee; and
  • Part-time member - NSW Mental Health Review Tribunal (current).

"Leanne Craze is one of the best social researchers , evaluators and independent consultants i know. She has had an outstanding career in public and social policy in Australia and made a major contribution in particular to the lives of people with mental illness and mental health problems. I strongly recommend her for the sheer quality of her work and the compassion and respect she shows to others."

Michael Wearing, Sydney Lecturer, Research and Policy UNSW

Mr Ross Craze (BBus, CPA).
Ross Craze, is a CPA with a Bachelor of Business (University of Technology Sydney - Kuringai), in 1984.

He worked as a financial systems analyst for 12 years in the health, retail, food manufacturing sectors before establishing Craze Lateral Solutions in 1991. Since that time, he has continued using his skills as a corporate consultant, supporting all the company's external projects and in-house management.

Consulting History

The company has two arms of operation :
  1. consulting and training services across a number of fields including mental health, health, community services, housing and homelessness, disability, criminal justice, community building and environmental protection (managed by Dr Leanne Craze)   Leanne.Craze@bigpond.com
  2. providing accounting and financial management reporting and information technology services including the development of data bases, spreadsheets, applications for data recording, reporting and sharing, and the provision of IT training and support for corporates and community agencies (managed by Mr Ross Craze CPA)       Ross.Craze@bigpond.com
Throughout its operation our company has maintained a rural and remote focus. Services provided and consultancies conducted include:
  • Consultations for the National Mental Health Commission in far north Queensland and the Torres Strait
  • Planning and service development in remote Indigenous communities with the Queensland Ambulance Service
  • Mental health evaluation in the Greater Western Area Health Service
  • Establishment of the Mental Health Family and Carer Program Southern Area Health Service
  • Mental Health training with NSW Farmers Federation as well as Mental Health First Aid Training for communities
This company has successfully provided consultancy services to a range of clients including:
  • Commonwealth Departments And Authorities - Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission; Department of Health and Ageing - Mental Health Branch, Office of Aged Care, Pharmaceutical Benefits Branch, Department of Family and Community Services - Housing and Homelessness Branch, Department of Education, Training and Youth Affairs, Department of Administrative Services, Australian Tourism Commission and Department of Primary Industry and Energy, Department of Employment, Education and Training
  • State Government Departments And Statutory Authorities - Victorian Parliament, South Australian Department of Marine Harbours, NSW Institute of Psychiatry, Macquarie Mental Health Services NSW Department of Health, the ACT Pipeline Authority, ACT Housing, ACT Department of Health and Community Care Mental Health Strategy Unit, Mental Health Unit Queensland Health, Queensland Ambulance Service; Department of Emergency Services Queensland, Southern Area Health Service NSW Health, NSW Housing, ACT Ambulance Service
  • Non-Government Organisations - ACT Division of General Practice, Shoalhaven Division of General Practice, Nepean Division of General Practice, Australian Mental Health Consumers Network, ACT Health Care Consumers Association, ACT Council of Social Services, Mental Health Coalition of the ACT, Australian Psychiatric Disability Coalition, Migrant Resource Centre of the ACT and Queanbeyan, WAYBACK, NSW Association for Mental Health, Richmond Fellowship ACT, PRA
  • Academic institutions and research centres - Department of Social Policy University of Western Sydney, Child and Youth Policy and Research Unit University of Western Sydney, Centre for Applied Nursing Research South Western Sydney, Centre for Health Equity Training Research and Evaluation, Australian Rural Health Research Institute, Law Faculty University of Newcastle
  • Private Industry - AMCOR Fibre Packaging Australia, AMCOR Fibre Packaging Asia, Eden Technology, Clarke Shoes and EMAIL
  • Voluntary Professional Assistance – Bungendore Preschool, Queanbeyan Cricket Club, Queanbeyan Soccer, Home-In-Queanbeyan, Karabar High School.
Summary of Consultancies 1998-2008
National Developing Capacity in Community Mental Health family and Carer Support and Respite 2008-2009, Community Mental Health Australia (Project Consultant ACT, Mental Health Community Coalition of the ACT)
Convenor, Mental Health Consumer, Carer and Community Quarterly Forum 2007-ongoing, ACT (Mental Health Community Coalition of the ACT)
Policy Consultant 2006-ongoing, Review of the ACT Mental Health (Treatment and Care) Act 1994, Mental Health Community Coalition ACT
‘A framework for the development of the Community Mental Health Sector in the ACT’ 2007, Report, Mental Health Community Coalition of the ACT
‘Telling it like it is – communication and mental illness’, a course developed and conducted throughout the ACT 2005-2007, Mental Health Community Coalition of the ACT with funding from HealthPACT (Health Promotions Grant) and Adult Community Education ACT
‘Putting the Case – Home in Queanbeyan’ 2006, a community’s response to the needs of homeless people with mental illness, Home in Queanbeyan Inc, Report, www.homeinqueanbeyan.com/businessplan.html
Discussion Paper for the Review of the ACT Mental Health (Treatment and Care) Act 1994 2006, ACT Health, Canberra, Publication
‘Homelessness and Mental Illness’, A review of research and literature 2006, with Professor Helen Hermann, St Vincents Mental Health Services Melbourne for Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing and Commonwealth Department of Community Services, Publication
Establishment and management of the Southern Area Health Service Family and Carers Support Program 2002-2005 to present, Southern Area Health Service, NSW Health
Professional advice and assistance to Mallee Root Productions with the production of ‘Pictures tell you nothing’: Mental illness and relationships 2005, a film funded by NSW Health Centre for Mental Health by a grant to SAHS Family and Carers Support Program, Southern Area Health Service, NSW Health
Consultancy Services to the Commonwealth Department of Employment, Science and Training, Facilitation of the National ELICOS Workshop 2004, Canberra, Report
Consultancy Services to the National Consumer and Carer Forum 2004 -2005, Mental Health Council of Australia
Secretariat Services to the ACT Mental Health Consumer and Carer Caucus 2004/2005, the Mental Health Coalition of the ACT
Community Involvement Project 2003, (with Australian Mental Health Consumer Network), Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatry
National Evaluation of the SAAP 2003 (with Success Works), Commonwealth Department of Community and Family Services
Development of Measures for Client Satisfaction in the SAAP, (with the Australian Federation of Homelessness Organisations 2001-2002), Commonwealth Department of Health and Aged Care
Project to Explore Funding Strategies for Indigenous Service Development, Training and Employment 2002, Department of Emergency Services QLD
Provision of National Secretariat Services 2001- 2004, for the Australian Mental Health Consumer Network
Literature Review: Health Equity 2001, (with Centre for Applied Nursing Research,) Centre for Health Equity Evaluation Training Research and Education,
Diabetes Eye Care: A Health Equity Project 2001, NSW Department of Health
National SAAP and Mental Health Linkages Project 2000, (with St Vincent's Mental Health Services Melbourne), Commonwealth Department of Family and Community Services and Commonwealth Department of Health and Aged Care
Queensland Ambulance Service 2001, Service Plan: Enhancing the capacity of Torres Strait Islander Communities to Prevent and Respond to Health Care Emergencies and injuries, Report
Five Year Service Plan for Pre-Hospital Care Responses in Indigenous Communities in the Torres Strait Region 2000, Queensland Ambulance Service, Islander Coordinating Council and QLD Health
Five Year Service Plan for Pre-Hospital Care Responses in Indigenous Communities in Cape York 1999-2000, Queensland Ambulance Service
National Dementia Care Training, Victorian Aged Care Assessment Research: Client Participation in Child and Family Care Decision Making for Professor Jan Mason, Child Policy and Research Centre, University of Western Sydney, Macarthur Campus. 1999-Ongoing provision of research services
Research Consultant, Mental Health Care Needs of Homeless Young People, National Youth Housing Coalition 1999, Commonwealth Funded Project, Report
Consultancy: Commonwealth Ministerial Advisory Council, Commonwealth Department of Community Services 1998, Consultancy: Preventing Homelessness Among People with Mental Disturbance, Workshop design and facilitation, Report and Ministerial Briefing Paper
Consultancy: Information Sharing in Mental Health Crisis Situations, Commonwealth Mental Health Branch 1999, Advice, research and report writing for the National Expert Advisory Committee on Information Sharing in Mental Health Crises, Report
Consultancy: Future Directions for the Non-Government Mental Health Sector, Australian Psychiatric Disability Sector 1998, Workshop design & facilitation, Report
National Intersectoral Linkages Project, with David Plant (lead) 1998, A research grant to the Australian Psychiatric Disability Coalition under the National Mental Health Strategy, Report
With Vivienne Tippett (lead), David Plant & Pat Jones 1998, Consultancy: Evaluation of the National Action Plan for Dementia Care, Office for the Aged, Commonwealth Department of Health and Aged Care, Report
Consultancy: Feasibility Study into the Establishment of Psycho-Social Rehabilitation and Support Programs in the Australian Capital Territory 1998, ACT Department of Health and Community Care (with assistance from David Plant), Report
Consultancy: Consultation on the Establishment of the National Prescribing Service 1997-1998, Pharmaceutical Benefits Branch, Commonwealth Department of Health and Family Services, Interim Report & Final Report
Consultancy: Evaluation of the Adolescent Pregnancy and Early Parenthood Program of the Nepean Division of General Practice 1998, Interim and Final Reports